Winbond Ultra Cure is a single component, moisture curing, High Modulus polyurethane adhesive for automotive glass bonding. The product offers a drive-away time of 1.5 hours for non-/single-airbag vehicles and 3 hours for twin airbag vehicles. The product is supplied in a 300ml cartridges & applied with a normal 'mastic' gun with the use of a plastic nozzle, using either the supplied pre-cut or supplied conventional nozzle cut to suit by the operator. The product may be applied either to the glass or vehicle body, we recommend applying to the van body.

Winbond Glass/Paint Primer when applied forms an impenetrable barrier against UV-light, which may destroy PU adhesives. The product is available in an Aluminium 30ml bottle. Always shake the product well before use. The product is also used as a paint primer to treat newly painted surfaces and prepare them for adhesion. The product will offer protection when applied to cover fresh damage to painted surfaces. This product is applied using a small brush or more conventionally a felt applicator (supplied)

Winbond Activator Wipes are supplied as impregnated tissues. The tissue has the added benefit of the activator being supplied on a clean ‘applicator’ and it may be used several times. After use the tissue is returned to the envelope it was supplied in and sealed for re-use at a later time.