The latest status on our range of Left Hand Drive Double Seat swivels is as follos

  • Ducato (Left hand drive) : we are not developing these. The movement is not as good as on the VW vans so it causes some customers a problem. The issue is caused by the high edges on the rubber flooring used in the cab area of these vans.
  • Old Transit (Left hand drive) : the UK model will work OK in a Left hand drive van, but we are not doing TUV approval on this old vehicle model.
  • New style Transit Custom (Left hand drive): we have tried and failed the safety tests on the UK model several times so we are not doing any more work on it until the second half of 2017. The problem is that the original Ford seat keeps collapsing in our tests when the extra weight of the swivel is added to the test formula. Also the current design raises the height of the seat too much for the TUV standards -  so even if we do get UK approval, TUV approval is unlikely in the foreseeable future.
  • New style Vivaro : we have just started to work on this so it should eventually be available, best guess on timescales is after summer 2017, we will aim to get TUV approval.
  • Old style Vivaro TUV testing: we tried and failed the TUV testing on one occasion last year and are in the process of rescheduling the test process. My guess is we will have that complete this summer sometime.
  • T4 : again we will not be doing TUV approval on this as the van model is now very old.