We send out an automatic email with your delivery details as soon as your order is packed - it comes from the same address as our Order Confirmation email. Not received either? please do check your spam filter for messages from help@kiravans.co.uk and order@kiravans.co.uk

You can also login to your account online and check the status of your recent orders. Just follow the links to My Account and My Orders.

If you have selected a delivery method for the order which says delivery will be in 3-4 days then we may not actually pack your order for a day or two (it just depends on how many orders we have to process that are shipping by an Express 1-2 day delivery method). In any case we will still get your orde to you within 3-4 days. so please dont panic!

If it looks like something has gone wrong or you need an update please dont hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call