Our curtain sets for the T5 are the most difficult to fit because of the curves and shaping of the doors. Unfortunately it's not possible to make them fit as neatly as on the other windows & you may want to bend the rails a little more that they are supplied.

Top Rail: If you have knock-on edging around your window aperture then the rail will not fit in its intended location. The edge trim will force the 'front' end too far away from the glass. Even without edge trim you will find that the 'front' end does not settle-in as much as we would like.

Bottom rail: our rails are supplied flat, with bend ends. In fact you may want to add some extra curve to the rail. In general, if you screw down the centre holes of the rails first then you will be able to spring the rail into a pretty good shape. Again, however, they do not fit as neatly as the other curtain sets in our range of products.

One option to achieve a better fit, or if you have edge trim around your window aperture, is to order up a couple of straight rails. You can then cut these to length and use them instead of the bent bottom rail. Simply screw them onto the flat metal face (above the carpet trim the photo above). For the top rail, your choices are a bit more limited - you could again use a straight rail and screw it on each end, leaving the centre un-attached - but this will leave a bit of a gap at the top of the window.

Finally there is always the option of using Silver Screens for the Barn door windows instead of curtains.