We have a number of restrictions imposed on us by the UK courier firms that we work with, and have added these rules to our online ordering process. So for example:

Hazardous items: Adhesive sprays, some glue products - can not be shipped over water. If you add these to your basket and ask for delivery rates to Ireland then we will only be able to offer pallet shipping, and can not offer parcel courier rates.

Glass: Windows - can be shipped internationally but only by one courier, so we will limit the options available to you. We also exclude some countries for glass delivery if we have had a lot of damage in transit recently. If we do not offer glass delivery by courier then pallet freight will be offered.

Oversize: anything over 1.5 metres long will not be carried by most couriers. This includes, for example, long wheel base rear windows for a T5 and Vivaro windows. We can not ship oversize items internationally by courier, if you try to order these items then only pallet couriers will be offered as a delivery method

Collection Only: for example plywood sheets can not be carried by any normal pallet or parcel courier so we have marked them as collection only. You are, of course, free to arrange your own transport, for example with shiply.com