The difference is that our swivel plate allows the seat to rotate on the spot to face the rear. The one manufactured by 'Touch of Class' or 'Uberbus' requires that you slide the seat into the rear of the van on rails and then rotate it and then slide it back to its original position. 

There's also another guy who sells a lower cost similar product to ours - but we have had a lot of customer recently contacting us as they want to change to using one of ours - the quality is just so much better

We use ultra high molecular weight plastic between the layers (not cheap nylon).

Our locking bolts have sprung fitting so they stay up out of the way when rotating the seat.

Ours is the only one that has been tested IN-VEHICLE by the Germany TUV body and tested on a sledge test. it is the only one approved for use in Germany.

And of course, we have much better customer service!!  :-)