insulation a7s technical  data

ASTM C177 provides a thermal conduction rating in W/m2K (lower numbers 
indicate better insulators)… to put Thermoliner in context:

0.040 W/m2K = 25mm fibreglass matting
>> 0.039 W/m2K = 7mm Thermoliner <<
0.037 W/m2K = 25mm expanded polystyrene board
0.033 W/m2K = 25mm foil-faced fibreglass

Fire resistance:

The material meets specification FMVSS302,

This is a Ford Motor Vehicle specification.

It is fire retardant, not fire proof.

This means if the material is removed from the flame it will self extinguish.

This relates only to the polyethylene foam, the self adhesive backing, as with

All adhesives, is not flame retardant.