There is a knack to operating the double swivel. Please check these things first:

The seat will just skim the handbrake and door pillar on its way around and will need to be slid sideways as well as forwards and around. You may find it easier with the passengers door open a little.

1. Are you following these steps:


Rotating the Seat to Face the Rear

1. Unscrew the four locking screws and secure them in the raised position (By pulling up and twisting as if removing a light bulb).

2. Position yourself behind the seat and grasp it at each side at, or below, cushion level.

3. Push it forward and towards the steering wheel.

4. Rotate it anti-clockwise until it is facing to the rear (you may need to twist then slide a couple of times to get it round).

5. Adjust its position and secure it with the two locking screws at the front of the seat (It is not necessary to use the two screws behind the seat when it is in this position).


Rotating the Seat to Face the Front

1. Repeat the above but rotate the seat in the clockwise direction.

2. Engage each of the four locking screws with a half turn initially.

3. Once all four are engaged, continue to tighten up fully.

If it is still tight there are a few possibilities:

1. when installing the swivel you will have hidden the electrical wires under the floor mat. It is essential these are nice and flat or they will obstruct the bolt head under the lower swivel plate. Check this by removing the seat and sliding the swivel around, you should be abel to get a full range of movement and no tight bits

2. If your van has had a handbrake modification done eg the Sportscraft drivers swivel and handbrake mod then there will be not be enough room for the double swivel to rotate smoothly. It is still just possible but it's very very tight.

3. If you have a floor carpet in the cab of your van this may obstruct the movement of the swivel - we stock cab carpets that do work with the swivel.

4. Sometimes if the swivel is bolted down very tight then it causes the lower steel plate to bend a little - which means that you then have a flat top plate and slightly curved lower plate, which don't slide too well over each other.

If you remove the seat, you can check if the swivel has its full range of movement you'll probably find its still stiff. In which case loosen off the floor nuts a few turns and see if that resolves it for you. Then just re-tighten them but not quite so much that they cause things to bend.

The other one to try is loosing the central nut and bolt a turn or two - sometimes they are screwed too tight in assembly.

Finally it is worth spraying a little Silicon on to the white plastic plate and a drop of oil onto the locking bolts - it helps things along a little. :-)

If all these fail then by all means please do send the swivel back to us for a refund or replacement.