LATEST UPDATE: Kiravans double seat swivel is now TUV Approved. Teilegutachten Nr.135XT0004-00 is attached at the bottom of this page

TUV have witnessed & approved the following safety tests:

A)  20g forward and backward sledge test 

B) In vehicle seat belt anchorage test. To EC Directive 76/115/EEC As Amended By 2005/41/EC. & To ECE Regulation 14.07. 

STATUS 2007E page No 3 of 10

Test Vehicle / Structure details:

The vehicle presented was a Volkswagen T5 based Motor Caravan adaptation

The vehicle first row driver’s seat and anchorages were as per the original manufacturer. The first row double passenger seat was mounted on a Kiravan’s swivel base, the anchorages were as per the original manufacturer.

Test Details:

Test Ref: 2007_4054 Driver’s seat & front passenger seat

Test category: M1

Seat Vehicle Position RH C LH Vehicle row Row 1 Seat Manufacturer OE OE OE Seat name

Driver's seat

  • Front pass on Kiravan Swivel

TR 001 V7

  • Front pass on Kiravan swivel Seat type Single Double Belt type 3 Point 3 Point 3 Point Anchorages on seat LB All LB Configuration tested Lowest
  • rearmost with upper in highest postn
  • Upper in highest postn

Seat weight (kg) 34.0 54.5 54.5

Load applied (kN)


  • Lap 13.5 13.5 13.5 Diagonal 13.50 13.50 13.50 Seat C of G 6.7 10.68 Load Channel No
  • Lap 3 5 9 Diagonal 4 6 10 Seat C of G 1 7

Test result

  • Pass To Regulation & Directive

Test Equipment;

Tests were carried out on a VCA appraised seat belt anchorage test facility (IVA appraisal certificate No VCA-TS IVA-0015) with all calibration of measurement instrumentation traceable to National standards in accordance with ISO17025. The uncertainty of measurement is included in the calibration records for all measurement equipment.

Seat R point positions were determined using a SAE 3D H point measurement machine and a 3D Coordinate measurement system.