T4 Double Swivel Installation Guide

The Kiravans Double Seat Swivel should only take an hour or two to fit and is pretty straight forward if you have a few basic tools. A half inch socket set will make the whole job much easier.

Download multi-lingual instruction in pdf format at end of page : EN / DE / FR / ESP / IT

FITTING (UK version)

  1. Unscrew the six M10 and one M8 nuts securing the seat assembly to the floor of the van. (Note: Seats with a lap belt for the centre passenger may have a smaller number of nuts and mounting screws)

  2. Retain the nuts for reuse in step 7.

  3. Lift the seat off the floor studs and move it into the back of the van.

  4. Put an M10 washer and nut on each of the M10 floor studs and tighten the nuts. (Nuts and washers provided on the seat mounting bolts on the top plate)

  5. Put a nut on the M8 floor stud and tighten it. (Nut provided taped to the top plate)

  6. Fit the swivel unit on to the floor studs making sure that the reinforced flanges on both top and bottom plates are to the rear and the Safety Information label is to the front.

  7. Re-fit and tighten the nuts saved in step 2 to secure the swivel unit in place. Note that to fit some of the nuts it is necessary to unlock the top plate and rotate it so that the nuts can be fitted through the two holes provided for this purpose.

  8. Check that the top plate can rotate freely. If necessary cut the ends off the floor mounting studs where they protrude through the nuts.

  9. Re-secure the top plate (With the Safety Information label to the front and the reinforced flange to the rear).

  10. Remove the nuts and washers from the seat mounting screws on the top plate and carefully lift the seat into position - taking care not to damage the knobs in the process. Secure the seat in place with the nuts and washers provided.


OPERATING (UK version)

Rotating the Seat to Face the Rear

  1. Unscrew the four locking screws and secure them in the raised position (By pulling up and twisting as if removing a light bulb).

  2. Position yourself behind the seat and grasp it at each side, at or below cushion level.

  3. Push it forward as far as it will go.

  4. Rotate it clockwise until it is facing to the rear.

  5. Adjust its position and secure it with the two locking screws at the front of the seat. (It is not necessary to use the two screws behind the seat when it is in this position)

Rotating the Seat to Face the Front

Repeat the above but rotate the seat in the anti-clockwise direction.

Secure the seat with all four locking screws. Remember to engage all of them before tightening them.