T5 double swivel easy installation guide

The Kiravans Double Seat Swivel should only take an hour or two to fit and is pretty straight forward if you have a few basic tools. A half inch socket set will make the whole job much easier and a mini grinder of hacksaw will come in handy for taking the tops off the front four bolts.

There's a video here: https://kiravans.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/171055-t5-show-me-the-double-seat-swivel-video


1. Lift up the seat cushion by grabbing it under the front and pulling forwards and up.

2. Unplug all the wiring connectors inside the seat base and remove the remaining connector halves from the mounting sockets on the centre divider. A small screwdriver is useful to disconnect the retaining pins.

3. Remove the eight nuts securing the seat to the floor. Keep these for use in step 10.

4. Lift the seat off the floor studs and move it into the back of the vehicle.

5. Cut off the top 5mm unthreaded part of the front 4 floor bolts. You can use a hacksaw or grinder with cutting disc. You can avoid damaging the threads by screwing the original nuts back on upside down and using them as a guide.

6. Reconnect the wiring connector plugs.

7. Raise the floor covering as necessary and put the plugs neatly underneath in the floor-pan indentations near the handbrake assembly. Take care to keep them flat and positioned so that they will not interfere with the installation of the swivel assembly and the movement of the swivel bolt in its slot.

8. Reinstate the floor covering and secure the wiring flap with Duck tape or similar.

9. Check that all rear lights and wiring are working correctly.

10. Place the swivel plate on the floor studs (label to the front) and secure it with the eight nuts saved in step 3. Note: It is necessary to rotate and slide the top plate and use the hole in it to get access to some of the studs.

11. Secure the top plate with the label to the front and reinstall the seat.

12. Re-check that the lights and wiring are still working correctly.




Rotating the Seat to Face the Rear

1. Unscrew the four locking screws and secure them in the raised position (By pulling up and twisting as if removing a light bulb).

2. Position yourself behind the seat and grasp it at each side at, or below, cushion level.

3. Push it forward and towards the steering wheel.

4. Rotate it anti-clockwise until it is facing to the rear (you may need to twist then slide a couple of times to get it round).

5. Adjust its position and secure it with the two locking screws at the front of the seat (It is not necessary to use the two screws behind the seat when it is in this position).


Rotating the Seat to Face the Front

1. Repeat the above but rotate the seat in the clockwise direction.

2. Engage each of the four locking screws with a half turn initially.

3. Once all four are engaged, continue to tighten up fully.