The MV Airo2 heater comes with a standard on/off switch which is mounted in the van. This switch can act as a thermostat to turn the heater on automatically when the inside temp falls below a comfortable level, which is useful when camping in colder whether. It can also be set to a variety of pre-set constant heat outputs using the control knob.

The switch can work either as a thermostat or to set a constant heat output.

There are two lights - a green one always stays on when the unit is running (you can basically ignore that one)


The other light can be either red or green, you press the black button to switch between modes.


Red modeThermostat control. The heater will switch on and off at set temperature levels But note that switching on and off is a fairly slow process as it has to burn out remaining fuel in the system and go through a 'controlled shut down' and the reverse at start up.... so dont expect it instantly switch on and off!


Green modeConstant output. The heater will run constantly at a constant level of heat output. Turn the knob up all the way and you get very hot air coming out at 2kw output. Turn it half way and you get 1kw of heat output constantly, turn on very slightly and you get a low level of heat constantly.

The other two options available are:

A remote control keyfob, which lets you put the heating on from outside the van by clicking the button on the fob - useful for turning it on from your house on a cold morning.

Or a mobile phone SIM card operation, which lets you turn on your van heating from anywhere in the world by calling a specific number on your mobile - useful if you want to warm up your van and you are some distance away from it.

There is no option for a seven day timer.

Operating instructions for the SIM controller are in this article.